Just thought we would drop you a line to let you know how Jake is getting on.

Jake was neutered at the beginning of September and made a fast recovery! He has attended basic obedience lessons and passed the test – he was the only dog in the class whose tail never stopped wagging! We have now moved onto basic agility and Jake is in his element. Thought you might like these pictures of him taken today. Hope all is well with you and the Lab Rescue group.

Regards Paul & Wendy Preston & Jake






Hi Cindy… saw your email address whilst searching for another and thought we would let you know how happy we are that we were able to adopt Sabre. He is great buds with Ben, and we have all really grown to love him. The best benefit of having two dogs is when sitting at the computer desk on a chilly evening such as this, we now have two “slippers” to tuck our feet under!

Sabre starts advanced classes in obedience next Tuesday, and absolutely loves going… we must now spell the word “school” around here! We discovered that he loves to do the agility jumps, so may explore that area more with him. He won the top prize in his intermediate class, which surprised us as he had an ear infection and we were only able to make it to about half of the classes! (He is fine now.) He has an incredible eagerness to please; the hardest part of training him is teaching him just to watch when the other dogs are fetching, jumping, etc! Anyway, hope all is well with you. Thanks again, to you, and to Lee and Caroline. We know from having Ben, who is a bit wary and asocial for a lab, that the way a dog is treated while young remains with it for it’s whole life. It’s obvious from how quickly Sabre has learned to trust us that he was very well treated.

Cheers! Debbie & Randy Stokoe