Calgary Purebred Labrador Retriever Rescue is a non-profit adoption referral organization dedicated to placing Labrador Retrievers into new, carefully screened homes. The average age of the dogs we help to place is 3 to 5 years old. People who apply to adopt a dog through CPLRR must fill out an extensive application form, explaining why they want a Labrador Retriever, how they plan to care for the dog and what kind of home they will provide. When an application is received, it is either approved or declined. Applicants for dogs may be declined if it is felt they cannot provide a suitable home for a dog. You should hear within 7-10 days after your application is received. We will review our listing forms for available dogs. Approved applicants will then be referred to those dogs most closely fitting their description of what they are looking for. If a dog that matches your request turns up in the shelter, we will refer you to the shelter. You would then have to be approved by the shelter and would adopt directly from the shelter.

Prospective adopters are under no obligation to accept any dog referred by CPLRR. If you feel a dog is not right for you, simply notify us. We will continue to refer applicants we feel might be suitable until the right match is found. We will do our best to help you find a dog. However, CPLRR can in no way guarantee an immediate placement. Adopters should expect to spend some time working with CPLRR to find the best dog for their requirements. We warn adopters that dogs in most area animal shelters are kept for a very limited time. The shelters do not have the space to keep the large number of dogs surrendered by their owners and turned in as strays. If you are notified about a dog in the shelter, please respond promptly.

CPLRR charges a non-refundable $10.00 processing fee to help cover administrative costs. Actual adoption costs will vary for each dog. We charge a minimum adoption fee and also ask that our veterinary and transportation costs are covered. However, if we are successful in helping you adopt a dog, we would very much appreciate a further donation. CPLRR is non-profit and depends on such donations to continue operating.



The answers you give on this application help us to find the best possible match between you and the dogs available through CPLRR. Please fill out the form completely and return it with $10.00 processing fee to to our mailing address. If no phone number or personal reference is given, this application will be discarded.

Name Home phone
Address Workphone
City Province
Postal Code
Best time to call Occupation
E-Mail Address
Personal reference  Name
Do you own or rent your home?
If rent, do you have landlord’s permission to keep a dog?
Landlord’s name and phone number?
Do you live in (circle) (house)  (apartment)  (trailer)

(other – describe)


How long have you lived at this address?
If less than one year give previous address


Do you have a fenced yard? Fence height & type
Does fencing completely enclose a yard for dog?
If no fence, how will you handle dog’s exercise and toilet duties?


Do you have a separate kennel run? Height and size
How many adults in household? How many children?
Age and sex of children?
Are there regular visitors to your home, human or animal, with which your new dog must get along? Describe.

Do you own other dogs? Are they neutered?
Give breed, sex and age of each:



Do you own cats? How many?
Any other animals you own?
Do you have a regular veterinarian? Name


How many dogs have you owned in the last five years?
Give breed and list if you still own dog


If not, what happened to dog (be specific)



Have you owned a Labrador Retriever before?
Why did you choose this breed?
Circle all plans for this dog (pet)  (guard)

(hunting & obedience)

(search & rescue)


If other, please describe


Do you want to adopt (circle) (Male)  (Female)  (No preference)
Color preference Age preference
I have marked my preferences above, but would be willing to consider a suitable dog of a different (circle)


(sex)  (color)  (age)
Where will the dog spend the day? (Circle what applies) (Loose indoors)  (Crate)

(Basement)  (Garage)

(Fenced Yard)  (Loose outdoors)

(Tied up outside)  (Kennel run)

(other – describe)


How many hours, on average, will dog spend alone?
Where will dog spend the night? (Circle what applies) (Loose indoors)  (Crate)

(Basement)  (Garage)

(Fenced Yard)  (Loose outdoors)

(Tied up outside)  (Kennel run)

(other – describe)


Do you understand CPLRR requires this dog to be spayed or neutered?
Do you agree to licence this dog and give regular health care?
Do you agree to contact CPLRR is you can no longer keep this dog?
Would you be willing to have a representative of CPLRR visit your home by appointment?
If not, why?
How did you hear about CPLRR?
We do not charge for dogs placed in new homes, other than to recover our expenses. Actual adoption costs will vary for each dog, discuss this with a CPLRR representative. Therefore, to continue our work, we ask for a donation if CPLRR is successful in matching you with a dog. CPLRR is non-profit and depends on such donations to continue operating.

All of the information I have given above is true and complete. Should an unneutered dog be placed with me, I agree to have it neutered within one month of adoption or by a date agreed upon by me and a representative of CPLRR. This dog will reside in my home as a pet. I will provide it with adequate food, water, shelter, training, affection and medical care. I understand that CPLRR is a referral service and is not responsible for the accuracy of information received about the temperament, habits or physical condition of dogs available for adoption. I understand that it is my responsibility to see and evaluate the dog for myself before agreeing to adopt it. I am in full agreement with these terms of adoption. Calgary Purebred Labrador Retriever Rescue is in no way liable or responsible for any damage, accident or injury resulting from the placement of a dog into my household.


Applicant Signature


We reserve the right to refuse an applicant!

Thank you for contacting CPLRR. One of our representatives should be contacting you shortly after receiving your paperwork. If you have not received a response (by phone or mail) in 10 working days, call CPLRR at 934-4965. Leave your name and phone number. Return this form with $10.00 non-refundable processing fee to our mailing address.

"Terms of Adoption"

The following agreement specifies what we feel is required to provide a safe and loving home for a dog. Please understand that the details of the contract reflect our concern that both owner and dog have a happy life together. The conditions set forth are based on years of experience and a continuing commitment to see that our rescue dogs find safe and happy permanent homes. We hope that you will understand that considerable emotional involvement, time and energy go into insuring that our rescue dogs have the best possible second chance at life. If I am successful in the adoption of a dog through Calgary Purebred Labrador Retriever Rescue I herein promise and agree to the following conditions:

1. To keep this dog in my personal possession, provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, grooming and humane treatment at all times.

2. If this dog has not already been spayed or neutered at the time of adoption, I AGREE TO HAVE THIS DOG SPAYED OR NEUTERED AT MY EXPENSE within thirty days. Proof of spaying or neutering will be provided in writing to Calgary Purebred Labrador Retriever Rescue within ten days of surgery. I will not allow this dog to breed or to be bred under any circumstances.

3. To procure veterinary care at once if this dog becomes sick or injured and to keep current all vaccinations against rabies, distemper, parvo and corona viruses.

4. To provide this dog with an ID tag secured to a collar which will be worn at all times. In addition, CPLRR recommends tattooing or micro-chipping as a means of permanent identification.

5. To obey any and all animal control regulations governing the area in which I live and to license this dog according to such regulations within two weeks of adoption.

6. Not to sell, trade, transfer ownership, abandon or dispose of this dog in any way, but to notify CPLRR if I must relinquish custody of this dog. This includes release to family members.

7. To allow a CPLRR representative to examine the dog and its living conditions and to surrender it to said representative for return to CPLRR if the conditions are found to be unsatisfactory.

8. To assume full responsibility for this dog’s actions, and for any damage done by this dog.

9. To keep this dog as my household pet and companion. To insure that when outside and unattended, this dog is in a secure fenced yard or kennel run with adequate shelter from the elements. To exercise this dog within a fenced yard or kennel run or by walking this dog on a leash, and to never

allow this dog to run loose (except in an off-leash dog park) without adequate adult supervision. To never chain or tie this dog without being in attendance.

10. To never allow this dog to be transported in the open bed of a pickup truck or other similar vehicle.

The undersigned hereby agrees to abide by the "Terms of Adoption" listed above.


Applicant Signature


Witness Signature

Sign and return this copy with your Adoption Application. No adopter will be considered without prior consent to the "Terms of Adoption". We suggest you make a copy for your own records.